Counselling &

"Some of us turn to family and friends to try and sort through challenges and stresses that come up. Many of us are embarrassed to confide in those close to us. If the difficulty exists with those with whom we are closest, we may not have anyone to whom we can turn.

Counselling provides a non-judgemental safe environment where a trained professional can listen and ask questions to help you reflect and look at yourself and your situation from a different perspective. Whether the stress or challenges you face are with family or at work or with yourself, a therapist can help you feel less overwhelmed with your worries, your depression and your anxiety. Together you and your therapist can develop a plan to address your difficulties and seek to remedy them."

Personal Statement

I have a profound belief in people and in their innate goodness and desire to be the best they can be. I believe that therapy is a process that is founded on the ability to trust another human being and that it is a privilege to be worthy of that trust.

I live my life and conduct my relationships with others being aware of my own strengths and weaknesses. I feel it is critical to be curious about myself and my reactions to others and to willingly explore ways in which I can improve.

Over the years, I have grown and developed as a human being and as a therapist. I have learned that one of the most important ingredients in any relationship - even and especially with yourself - is respect. It is not possible to love anyone you do not respect.

With this basic premise in mind, I work with people to help them develop respect for themselves and others in relationships and in dealing with situations that life presents.

I endeavour to treat my clients with respect and encourage them to challenge and stretch themselves.

- Heidi Greenfield